Young Bee Keepers of Tailevu

The Young people of Veinuqa,Tailevu ( some 50 km North East of Suva ) through various fundraising initiatives had sourced funds to open up a coffee & gift/souvenir shop at the landing (close to the village) where tourists to Caqalai Island Resort get on their transfers to and from the resort. Plans to have this established span back some five or six years since the conceptualization of the idea. Unfortunately due to financial constraints, these young people have not been able to meet the payment that the landowner requires before work is to commence on the identified piece of land.

When ADRA offered Veinuqa the opportunity to partner with them, the village identified the young people’s group as a potential partner in the new proposed Bee Keeping venture.  Through various training opportunities facilitated by ADRA, these young people were trained in not only managing their hives and general maintenance but also the basics of book keeping and business management. The youth group was quiet excited with the new venture. A few young people had been trained by the Ministry of Agriculture previously but more attended the training that was organized for them by ADRA Fiji through the Ministry of Agriculture.

The ADRA supported Veinuqa Bee Keeping venture has been an opportunity/means for these young people to participate and contribute to the villages’ development activities. It has also been an opportunity to improve the vocation of these young people, ie the newly acquired bee keeping skills. With the anticipated returns from their new bee keeping business these young people hope to not only rejuvenate their initial project, but also, assist the members of their village in various development activities like housing, water, sanitation and other agricultural initiatives.